Photo credit: Elizabeth LaBrasca of The Antiquarian Blog 

  • When did you start your blog?
    • I started my blog January 2012 {New Year, new me!} My roommate {Elizabeth of The Antiquarian Blog} and I always had a dream of starting our own blogs someday and we finally made that dream come true! :)
  • What kind of camera do you use?
    • I use a Nikon d5100 with a few different lenses - Best camera ever. 
  • Do you use any special programs to edit your photos?
    • Yes I do! Most of photos or inspiration pieces are edited in Adobe CS5 photoshop/illustrator. I also use Polyvore {amazing site for creating your own style inspiration!}
  • May I use your photos on my blog/site?
    • Of course! ---> Please be sure to link back to my site & give me credit. :) 
  • Where do you get your inspiration from?
    • Oh, absolutely EVERYWHERE! Music, traveling, books, museums, artists, movies, magazines, other blogs, nature... to name a few. I find I always bring my camera or iphone + sketchbook to capture/draw anything that might inspire me.
  • Besides your blog, do you have any other hobbies?
    • Yup! I've recently got into photography - So I love learning/taking pictures constantly. I also play the piano, and love to draw/paint {especially fashion illustrations}. I'm a huge vintage lover, so I love to go vintage shopping whenever I can. Make-up is another passion of mine - I sometimes do make up for formal occasions on the side. I just love it! Oh and I can't forget about baking! Baking yummy treats are my favorite + very therapeutic! Also, I'm a big lover of music too! I love all different genres from all different decades and finding new artists. Music is a big factor in my inspiration process! {That's why Monday Posts are dedicated to music!} Overall, I enjoy being creative! :)
  • Speaking of fashion illustrations, what did you study in college?
    • I actually studied Fashion Design in college!
  • Do you have any favorite blogs?
    • Way too many to name! There are so many talented people out there!
  • Do you have suggestions/tips for new bloggers?
    • If you would like to start a blog, figure out what your passionate about! Provide original work, write often, and if you post about other blogs be sure to always link back to them. The blog world is filled with amazing people with awesome talents so have fun and explore them all! :)

  • I have to ask, how do you say "Cupcaque?"
    • Ha! I was waiting for that one! The name of my blog was actually an idea from a very great professor of mine {Thank you Jay!} It's actually pronounced "cupcake" since I love cupcakes so much! :)

Thanks again for stopping by! :)

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